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Farm holidays in Janów Podlaski Dworek Łukowiska

Dworek Łukowiska (Janów Podlaski) surfboard rental bicycle rental family-friendly cyclist-friendly animals permitted secluded tv set
Bauernhof Janów Podlaski Dworek Łukowiska picture 1 house description:
Manor Łukowiska k / Janow Podlaski invites companies and individuals to relax with family, training organizations, feasts, weddings in nineteenth-century restored manor house, beautifully situated on a hill in a park landscaped Podlaski Breakthrough Bug. The cozy, stylish Podlasie provide tasty cuisine and traditional Polish hospitality.
pricing conditions:
accommodation and meals all day will cost from 100 to 120 zł / person (in zależzności on length of stay) Discount 50% for children under 7 years
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Farm holidays
min. price: 20.00 €
categorisation: ***
beds: 50
journey description:
surfboard rental, bicycle rental, family-friendly, cyclist-friendly, animals permitted, secluded, tv set,
Dworek Łukowiska
Barbara i Adam Wróbel
Bubel Łukowiska
21-505 Janów Podlaski
phone: 083 341 99 69
fax: 083 341 99 69
email: send inquiry